Automotive Wiring

The climate-controlled Argus Wire Lab builds concept, prototype, and production wiring harnesses.  All harnesses are inspected electronically to test for shorts, opens, and continuity in wiring, resistors, and capacitors before installation.  This process reduces the need for on-vehicle testing, saving the customer time and added expense.

The Wire Lab supplies each customer with a documentation package upon completion of their project. This package includes assembly drawings, wiring schematics, pin-outs (connector face views), parts lists, engineering specifications and test results. These services include:

  • Automated and manual crimping
  • Resistance soldering
  • Point to point soldering
  • Fixtures (prototype and production, assembly)
  • Circuit board assembly
  • Reworks (pin outs, overlays, rebuilds)
  • Prototype and production low and high voltage harnesses
  • Prototype and production battery cables
  • PPAP and PSW for production harnesses